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For us, quality is second to none as we continue to maintain better quality in all products and services we offer

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All our steps are taken with our customer in the centre for we believe he is the pivotal force behind our existence

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Expeditious Food Supply

Efficiency Redefined - 2500+ Daily Deliveries, 150+ Temperature-Controlled Trucks, All Ensuring Freshness with Every Delivery.

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Suhol Al Fayha Farm Fresh Own Brands .

Steadfast Commitment to Excellence and Quality of Our Fresh Products.

Consistent training on products, processes, hygiene, food safety, and customer service has enhanced our credibility as the most competent supplier of fresh produce in the region, without compromising the effectiveness of our management system.

Consumer demands for a variety of healthy, nutritious foods—both chilled and frozen—are exerting pressure on cold storage providers and traders to accommodate a growing perishables cold chain, both at key ports and inland locations.

We pledge our expertise and competence to enhance the global fresh food supply chain.

Values and Culture



FayhaFresh- With You Freshly., our esteemed farm-fresh brand, is dedicated to bringing the essence of freshly harvested produce straight to your doorstep.




Good Day Premium Bananas offer the finest selection of top-quality bananas, ensuring every bite is a delightful experience of sweetness and freshness.




Habee, a proud member of the Suhol Al Fayha family, is synonymous with excellence in exotic fruits, dates, and eggs.With a rich heritage of quality and tradition.


Fayha Fresh Delights


Fayha Fresh Delights proudly stands as Oman's premier 100% fresh juice brand, distinguished by its commitment to quality and health-conscious consumers.


Delivering Excellence in Service With 150+ Climate-Controlled Trucks, Reliable Deliveries Guaranteed.

We are committed to providing customers with the highest possible level of quality service. In order to achieve this, we continually improve processes, products, and services, aiming to meet and exceed customer satisfaction at all times.

At the heart of our service is punctuality - we deliver your produce reliably, every single time. As a leading Fruits & Vegetable Food Service Supplier in the Oman, we reinforce this commitment by investing in our dedicated logistics and distribution network. This includes a robust fleet of over 150+ climate-controlled reefer trucks and storage capacity of more than 55,000 metric tons. From harvesting to prompt and efficient delivery, we handle every step of the process with care and precision.


Our focus is on providing customers with the best possible service, and we are here to help. Become a Customer