We produce a wide variety of vegetables throughout the season in Oman, while we source them from sub contracted farms around the globe during off-season. We believe in the long-term sustainability of the land that we farm as land owners, tenants or consolidators. We are committed to responsible farming methods to increase sustainability and protect the wider environment. We respect the soils that we work. aiming to maintain, and where possible, improve soil organic matter levels through organic manures or composts.

Our production team grows combinable crops for the region and operates the marketing and distribution through specialized departments. We operate the whole supply chain from production to storage, packing, marketing and distribution. We manage crop pools combining several farmers producing local vegetables to meet our requirements locally as well as across borders.

Global Sourcing

We are the only solution provider in Oman to meet all kind of fresh fruits and vegetable requirements from
various part of the country.Our farms located in the Batinah region and joint hand with the local farmers in
other region, meet the Omani fresh produce market requirements during the season. Premium products are
sourced from farms over 48 countries and rare produces are sourced through our purchase departments at Mumbai and Dubai. We are the sole distributors for multiple products in the country. Importing over 3400 containers annually by sea,
we have 365 days of shipments carrying quality fresh produces from round the globe.This also enhances us to meet immediate requirements at any time on short notice.

Cold Logistics

From chilled to frozen reefer trucks enhances the supply of fresh produces through our effective retail logistics network in Oman. Or retail client-ship ranges from hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Premium hotel kitchens, Restaurants and casual dines, catering Kitchens and Our own facility management units. The vehicle management follows the ISO and HACCP standards to deliver these perishables at
fore-mentioned sites; our fleet includes both PDO/ROP spec in all the variants whether 18, 10, 4.5 Tones and 3 Tones freezer trucks - catering supply to all Selling points and distribution centres and premium customers.Our network centers at the Muscat extending till the tip of Muscat“Qantab” to the East,“Katmat Malha” to the north,“Bidiyah” in the
West and Salalah in the South.
We have more than 150 Chilled and frozen trucks are serving to distribute the produces in various part of
Sultanate. It will enhances the supply of fresh produces through our effective logistics network in Oman.

Wholesale and Retailing

We possess over 67 selling points across the sultanate;our branded shop in shop’s offers a clean and majestic shopping experience at all super market,hypermarket and department Stores.Having 100 % sourcing capacity of fresh produces from around the world,we lead in the market in maximum variety and volume,this makes us hold 55 %market share.Our efficientTransportManagement System(TMS) makes these products available to you near your homes through our retail outlets. Our Wholesale units at the Central Fruits and vegetables Market Al Mawaleh offers all varieties of fresh produces in bulk quantities after quality check and proper packing. Being a strong participant in the global networks for farmers and distribution centres, we engage in re-exports and cross trade activities.

Shop In Shop (SIS)

We operate multiple channels of distribution whether wholesale stores, retails of supplies. Our specialized team manages the verious channels precisely meeting customer demand and quality. We operate over 500 deliveries from the central fruits and vegetables market Mawaleh through the vivid channels reaching Customer.

A unique identity that we have gained over the Sultanate is our shop in shop concept that is managed through various 3rd party retail giants in the market including SPAR (Khimji's Group) and Al NOOR (Towell Group) The channel enables us sense the end customer choice and buying behaviour. For sure we hold immense pride in playing a crucial role in the nutrition of the Sultanate's population.

Ship Chandelling

We serve you when on water; our division handling provision includes fresh / dry / frozen foodstuff products. to Vessels approaching Omani ports has gained expertise over the last tenure of 5 years.
We render our services at all Omani Sea port terminals i.e. Port Sultan Qaboos,OICT, Port of Sohar, Duqum Dry Dock, Ibra Dry Dock, Port of Salalah.

Our counter part in Dubai also source our ship provisions at all national Port terminals. Our wide range of food stuff items,Fruits andVegetables from worldwide sources to satisfy the needs of crews and passengers of the ship belongs to any nation.
Ship chandlers are companies that provide all the necessity commodities to ship when at port.
We basically do provision and bonded stores supply.


The national demand and supply for fresh produces in the country is enhanced by our Infrastructures; we
controls and manages huge distribution centres and storage warehouses across the country.Varied items are stored at distinct locations at varied temperatures and storage to ensure product life, quality and hygiene. 15 storage location in Rusayl Fruits andVegetables market;distribution and storage locations in Sohar and Halban are our remarkable achievements in this order. Our storage facilities in Halban have a capacity of 15000 sq mtrs for both cold and dry products.We aspires to be a benchmark for a sustainable logistics system to the global economy.


Supply chain management of Fresh produces and foodstuff to catering companies, Facility management
companies and Hotel Industries across Oman becomes our competitive advantage by volume sourcing thatwe
do on a daily basis.We offer a wide range of products including fresh produces, dry and frozen food, plastic
packaging materials, cleaning chemicals and maintenance machinery. Premium products at the most
competitive price is a part of the vision of the organization. An effective supply chain incorporating our Warehouse Management System (WMS),Transport Management System (TMS) and eminent work force we
reach a wide network of the hospitality sector in the region.


ONORB stands for Omani National owned Retail Business. This is an Omani entrepreneurship which we build the relation for the enrichment of retail business vendors. We have stood in the front line to establish this business and many more to come ahead.